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May 20, 2020  / Dean Ann Cary 

Dean Ann Cary Welcome to our readers of our new Marieb   College News initiative as we share stories,   highlights of our   successes, and our faculty,   staff and student   achievements. You will be   able to periodically observe   our adventures   as we continue to create our future   at the   Marieb College of Health and Human   Services   through these blogs!

 In the first issue we are highlighting the  spring retirements of our loyal and accomplished faculty and administrators: Drs. Maddy Isaacs, Joan Glacken and Abbe Finn. Some of our readers from the disciplines of Counseling and Health Sciences may have experienced these remarkable professionals as faculty; and, others as colleagues.

Regardless, we salute their dedication to FGCU and the people they served during their distinguished careers! We will miss their intellect, voice, funny stories, and great ideas- so join me by reading the interviews with our remarkable trinity of retirees.