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Faculty Spotlight Friday

July 03, 2020  / Tags: Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Physical Therapy, DPT, Exercise Science

Dr. Lynda Ross joined the faculty at FGCU in January of 2020.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (1984) and an advanced Master of Science (1996) in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University, Doctor of Health Science (2014) from Midwestern University, and Doctor of Physical Therapy (2015) from Nova Southeastern University. 

Dr. Ross is a Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric and Adult Neurologic Physical Therapy.  Prior to coming to FGCU, she was an assistant professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Nova Southeastern University in Tampa.  Her research and scholarship interests are focused on clinical reasoning in DPT students, interprofessional education, teaching and learning strategies used in blended learning entry-level DPT programs, and community-based exercise programs for persons with Parkinson Disease.  She is assisting the Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida in development of their community-based movement programs.

Dr. Lynda Ross teaches in the DPT program, but she has also taught Evidence Based Practice to the Exercise Science students.