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Student Spotlight of the Week

November 10, 2020  / Tags: Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Physical Therapy, Student Spotlight, DPT Student

This week’s Student Spotlight goes to first year year Physical Therapy student and President of the DPT Class of 2023, Bridget Forster. Bridget is from Pennsylvania but her family now has lived in Boca Raton, Florida since 2010. She graduated from FGCU this past May with a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science. Through years of playing tennis, she dealt with many injuries including a fractured back when she was 13. She took an interest in Anatomy and how she was able to help heal her back, and eventually spent many hours of her own time shadowing her physical therapist and enjoying the knowledge she acquired from her. Being born with primary lymphedema in her arms and hands also showed her another area of physical therapy as she received countless therapy sessions for her arms and hands for manual lymph drainage. "That particular therapist has a very special place in my heart for the impression she had in my overall health and her fun-loving positive spirit she carried through it all. Through the years of physical therapy, I saw the impact my therapists had on my life, my ability to play tennis again, as well as to help me live a normal life even if I was living with lymphedema. I have a great passion for wanting to make that kind of impact in my own patients’ lives". She says she feels as though she finds herself in the service of helping others which is a big reason why she chose to pursue PT. 

Bridget is opened minded for her upcoming clinicals in a variety of settings but is especially interested in the pediatric population as she has a passion for working with children. Some fun facts are that she competed internationally for tennis which eventually led her to play on the FGCU women's tennis team during undergrad, she recently became a certified strength and conditioning specialist, you can usually find her studying muscle OINA's at local coffee shops, and she loves to explore new places with her fiancé. Together they have sponsored a little girl from Peru for the past 5 years and hope to one day be able to meet her!

DPT Student Bridget Forster

DPT Student Bridget Forster