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Student Spotlight of the Week

November 24, 2020  / Tags: Student Spotlight, Physical Therapy, DPT, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

This week’s Student Spotlight goes to first year Physical Therapy student, Meghan Precord. Meghan chose physical therapy because she has had a lot of experience doing physical therapy from several sports injuries growing up. As she continued to look into the profession, she really liked seeing the abundance of opportunities that physical therapy offered and all the different routes she could pursue. One area that interests Meghan right now is pediatrics.  “I have always enjoyed working with kids because I used to run a preschool and work as a camp counselor” she says. Meghan loves to be creative and engage children in fun activities. Another area of PT that has sparked her interest is working with amputees. Meghan says she doesn't have a lot of experience in that area and thinks it would be a very rewarding population to work with. In her free time, Meghan loves to play sports, especially soccer. She played soccer in college, so she is always down for some pick up. She also owns her own paddle board and loves to explore the intercostals and even paddle in the ocean! One of her favorite things to do while paddle boarding is to jump in the water with the dolphins! A fun fact about Meghan is that she used to be the manager of a fireworks tent during the summer. She thought it would be a fun way to make some extra cash and ended up really enjoying the sales part of it! Meghan thinks was a great learning experience, and it was fun bringing smiles to families faces on such a fun holiday!

Meghan Precord