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Student Spotlight of the Week

October 19, 2020  / Tags: DPT Student, Student Spotlight, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

This week’s Student Spotlight goes to second year Physical Therapy student, Bailey Gulash. 

Bailey chose Physical Therapy because she was a competitive gymnast for 13 years and with that came many injuries, stating that she’s “super clumsy”. Due to her many injuries, Bailey was always in and out of physical therapy and became very familiar with the field. She came to the realization that she wanted to help people get back to doing what they love to do, just like how Physical Therapy helped her. Having an athletic background, Bailey always considered working with an athletic population, but working as a Physical Therapy Technician in Orlando for three years exposed her to an older population that she fell in love with. Bailey enjoys the stories that the geriatric population shares and likes doing balance activities with them in order to prevent falls and increase confidence in walking.

When she’s not hitting the books, Bailey enjoys line dancing, working out, and anything involving the sun. She loves the beaches here in SWFL, spending time in the pool with family, going fishing, boating, and going out on the jet skis! Some fun facts about Bailey are that she loves “spooky season” and anything to do with Halloween. While she isn’t a fan of scary movies, Bailey loves the in-person scare experience that Halloween Horror Nights at Universal offers her!

Bailey Gulash

DPT Student Bailey Gulash

DPT Student Bailey Gulash