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Student Spotlight of the Week

September 08, 2020  / Tags: Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Strength and Conditioning, Student Research, Kinesiology, Powerlifting, Physical Therapy, DPT

This week's Student Spotlight goes to Physical Therapy Student, Kass Lawrence. Kass is originally from Rhode Island and studied Kinesiology at the University of Rhode Island, where she earned her Bachelor's degree. During her undergraduate career, she participated and helped facilitate multiple research projects about how the body functions. These studies led to an internship on Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for high school ski and snowboard athletes. This experience cemented the fact that Kass wanted to work with people to teach them how to properly move and strengthen their bodies. Kass also worked in an outpatient physical therapy clinic during her undergraduate career, which is when she realized this was the exact environment she wanted to continue in. She loved seeing the patients light up when they got stronger and felt less pain. Fun facts about Kass, she is a second-degree belt and sensei instructor in the martial arts. She also holds four state records in Rhode Island for powerlifting.Kass Lawrence, Physical Therapy Student