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Student Spotlight of the Week

September 14, 2020  / Tags: Physical Therapy, Student Spotlight, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, DPT Student

DPT Student Penelope Regalado

This week’s Student Spotlight goes Penelope Regalado. Penelope is a second year DPT student at FGCU. She is originally from Miami, FL and enjoys visiting family frequently. Penelope chose Physical Therapy because the connection of the mind and body is important to her and she enjoys learning about the balance of those within the physical therapy profession. When she graduates Penelope wants to pursue PT in the Pelvic Rehab/Women’s health area, citing her own experience with that side of physical therapy as a motivator for her to help other women just as she has been helped. Penelope enjoys Yoga, Pilates, outdoor activities, and traveling in her free time. She speaks 4 languages and loves to learn new ones whenever she gets a chance. Penelope frequently tries out new recipes and spends a lot of time whipping up food for her roommates. A couple of fun facts about Penelope is that she used to be a math tutor for a Senator’s family for 3 years and that she has an extremely acute sense of smell, with her friends often joking that she should work at an airport to sniff out smugglers!

DPT Student Penelope Regalado