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Nurse Anesthesiology Students Selected to Attend 2022 Inaugural SRNA Leadership Conference

September 09, 2022  / M. Martinez, Coordinator Nursing   / Tags: FGCU School of Nursing, B.S.N. to D.N.P. - Nurse Anesthesiology

FGCU Nurse Anesthesiology Students Selected to attend 2022 Inaugural Be a Landmark SRNA Leadership conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Exceptional BSN- DNP Nurse Anesthesiology students Brittane Squires and Carmella Cicero were selected to attend the 2022 Inaugural Be a Landmark SRNA Leadership conference in Las Vegas, NV this past July. The students were selected by Nurse Anesthesiology Program Director, Dr. Virginia Londahl-Ramsey as well as community clinical site members, US Anesthesia Partners (USAP). Ms. Squires and Ms. Cicero were selected based upon their demonstrated leadership qualities as SRNA.

The 2-day Be a Landmark conference included a welcome reception and networking opportunity for the students as well as presentation with topics geared toward SRNA leadership, communication, and preparation for the SRNA to CRNA transition.
Ms. Squires explained “It was an amazing opportunity to have been selected and has made a lasting impression”.

“All of the content delivered was extremely valuable and offers guidance that will help us throughout our anesthesia careers,” added Ms. Cicero.  

Congratulations and well done!

FGCU Anesthesiology Students at Innagural Conference July 2022Caption: FGCU Nurse Anesthesiology Students; from left Carmella Cicero, middle; event member,
right; Brittane Squires, picture provided by FGCU faculty.