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Department Faculty Invited to Present at United Nations General Assembly

September 28, 2020  / Tags: Occupational therapy, United Nations, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

Dr. Annemarie Connor, FGCU Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, and Dr. Hung Jun Kuo, Michigan State University, were honored to have been invited to present at the Global Science Collaboration Conference at the 75th United Nations General Assembly, September 28, 2020, in a session regarding the Psychosocial Aspects of Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities in Educational and Employment Settings. Their talk was based on their development of a practice-based model of assistive technology teaming, which has relevancy for multiple health and human service professions:

Connor, A., Kuo, H. J., & Heahy, M. J. (2018). Assistive Technology in Pre-Service Rehabilitation Counselor Education: A New Approach to Team Collaboration. Rehabilitation Research, Policy, and Education, 32(1)m 20-37.