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Wellness Wednesday - Dr. Patti Bauer Discusses the Importance of Movement

June 10, 2020  / Tags: Exercise Science, Human Performance Lab, Movement is Medicine, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

It's Wellness Wednesday! Dr. Patti Bauer from the Department's Exercise Science program discusses the importance of movement so you don't fall victim to a sedentary lifestyle. 

While many of us have returned to work, the same information still applies, as a sedentary lifestyle and poor posture can lead to lower back and/or neck pain.

Watch the short clip below to not only watch Dr. Patti Bauer explain the importance of movement, but also demonstrate tips and examples you can do at home with just your body weight if your gym hasn't opened back up, or you do not feel comfortable going back just yet.

Click HERE to watch the video, and remember to Keep Moving!