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Student Spotlight of the Week

January 19, 2021  / Tags: Physical Therapy, Student Spotlight, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Physical Therapy Student

This week’s Student Spotlight goes to third year Physical Therapy student Jordan Ingalsbe. Jordan is interested in Physical Therapy because when she was a karate instructor she developed a passion for teaching and understanding human movement given the kinesthetic nature of the sport. This is what inspired her to pursue a career in health and fitness. In addition, she knows what it’s like to be on the other end of things. Shortly after graduating with her undergrad in Exercise Science, she began experiencing some health challenges that left with a permanent foot drop and other neuro related impairments requiring her of have several months of physical therapy. Despite this, her PT was the one who encouraged her to move beyond her limitations. She knows what it’s like to do things she “shouldn’t be able to do”. Having learned how to push the boundaries, she knew she needed to choose a career that she could help others do the same. Jordan is particularly interested in outpatient orthopedics. She enjoys the wellness side of things, specifically working with special populations through the use of Adaptive Training. Her ultimate goal is to help bridge the gap between a person’s maximal functional capacity and their full potential through her knowledge in both PT and exercise science. Some of Jordan’s hobbies include beekeeping, running, Cross Fit, fishing, and hanging with her dog. Some fun facts are that she started martial arts when she was 6 years and later became a Sensei and a third-degree black belt. She is also a beekeeper but is allergic to bees!

Physical Therapy Student Jordan Ingalsbe