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Occupational Therapy Shady Rest Scholarship Recipients

August 27, 2020  / Tags: Shady Rest, Student Success, Scholarship, SOTA, Occupational therapy, Student Occupational Therapy Association, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

This year we had two Occupational Therapy students receive the Shady Rest Scholarship for the 2020-2021 academic year. Congratulations to second year Occupational Therapy students Rebecca Ahrens and Kara McCurry. 


Occupational Therapy Student Rebecca Ahrens

Rebecca Ahrens is a second year Occupational Therapy student here at FGCU. She received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Clemson University with a minor in Youth Development Programs. She is the fundraising chair for FGCU's Student Occupational Therapy Association. In her spare time she loves going to the beach, reading, and spending time with friends and family. She hopes to one day work in skilled nursing with geriatric clients.


Occupational Therapy Student Kara McCurry

Kara McCurry is a second year Occupational Therapy student who completed her undergraduate degree at Florida State University. Her Bachelor's degree is in Family and Child Services with a minor in Psychology and Education. Kara currently serves as the president of the Student Occupational Therapy Association, which recently won the Registered Student Organization of the year award! Kara is passionate about working with the geriatric population and plans to work in a skilled nursing facility after graduation. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and taking her golden retriever, Murphy, to the beach!