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Dr. Valerie Weiss Recognized as Outstanding Faculty

October 21, 2020  / Tags: faculty spotlight, Student Body Senate, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Anatomy


This week, Department faculty member, Dr. Valerie Weiss, was not only recognized as an outstanding faculty member at FGCU, but she was also recognized as the Student Body Senate's Faculty Member of the Week. Congratulations on this recognition! Read her nomination below:

"I believe that Dr. Weiss should be nominated as one of the outstanding faculty members here at FGCU. She cares for her students immensely, taking time to listen to us during her lecture hours and emailing everyone small emails to encourage them. She also does her best to have virtual office hours to help students to the best of her ability, but is always open to send the recording of her office hours after. We bother her all the time with our questions, feelings, complaints, and she receives all of them with no judgement, just glad to help. These are my reasons for why she should be recognized".