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Brave New World? AI Researcher Says Ditch Dystopian Fears

April 13, 2023  / Lutgert News  / Tags: AI, Sales, Resort & Hospitality, Agribusiness, Management, Real Estate, Information Systems & Operations Management, Accounting, Finance, PGA Golf Management, Economics, Marketing, Advertising

The warnings are ominous and plentiful. For over half a century, we’ve been hit with a deluge of cautionary tales – from books to the big screen – teaching us to fear the unleashed power of artificial intelligence (or AI).

Inevitably, in those stories, technology develops sentiency, plunging the world into a dystopian hellscape, leading to the end of human civilization. So why is Chrissann Ruehle, Lutgert College of Business instructor, eschewing pop culture to embrace the latest AI development?

“I see this as a collaboration and connection between humans and machines, humans and technology, as well as being a benefit for our students and also for faculty,” she explained.

For the past six years, Ruehle has researched the burgeoning field of AI and is working on publishing articles and papers on the subject. She describes one of the newest creations, ChatGPT, as a “generative artificial intelligence program that uses conversational artificial intelligence.”

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