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The Lutgert College of Business building opened in 2008 and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees

Undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Studies are offered. Graduate degrees in Accounting & Taxation, Information Systems & Analytics, and Business Administration (MBA) are offered. Also housed within the LCOB is the School of Resort & Hospitality Management which offers students the unique opportunity to gain supervised field work experience at one of many resorts and spas in the area. The School of Resort & Hospitality Management offers majors in either Resort & Hospitality Management or PGA Golf Management.



Accreditation indicates a commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous peer review process to ensure that an accredited school:

  • Advances knowledge through faculty scholarship.
  • Offers quality teaching and current business curricula.
  • Delivers graduates who have attained definite learning goals.
  • Manages its resources to attain its stated mission. 

All degree programs offered by the Lutgert College of Business are accredited by one of three separate organizations. Learn more about each accreditation below:



Business Programs:

Undergraduate Degrees:

  • Accounting (B.S.)
  • Computer Information Systems (B.S.)
  • Economics (B.S.)
  • Finance (B.S.)
  • Management (B.S.)
  • Marketing (B.S.)

Graduate Degrees:

  • Accounting & Taxation (M.S.)
  • Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • Information Science & Analytics (M.S.)

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PGA Golf Management
(B.S.) Program:


Student Outcomes  Learn More

Dr. Allen Weiss

When you talk about life-changing, good experiences, FGCU was mine.”

Dr. Allen Weiss

President and CEO, NCH Healthcare System


Accounting  Visit Department

  • [#F149P] - Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Accounting

Agribusiness  Visit Department

  • [#F161P] - Assistant Director for Academic Programs, Center for Agribusiness

  • [#F127P] - Director of the Center for Agribusiness

Entrepreneurship  Visit Department

  • [#F116P] - Institute for Entrepreneurship, Instructor I

Finance & Economics  Visit Department

  • [#F141P] - Finance, Assistant/Associate Professor

  • [#F158P] - Finance, Assistant/Associate/Full Professor

  • [#F142P] - Finance, Instructor I

  • [#F74P]   - Economics Instructor

Information Systems & Operations Management  Visit Department

  • [#F138P] - Computer Information Systems, Assistant/Associate Professor

  • [#F148P] - Computer Information Systems, Assistant/Associate Full Professor

  • [#F159P] - Data Analytics Assistant/Associate Professor

  • [#F66P]   - Associate/Full Professor of Computer Information Systems

  • [#F67P]   - Alico Chair - Operations Management, Eminent Scholar and Full Professor

Management  Visit Department

  • [#F144P] - Management, Assistant/Associate OB/HR Position

  • [#F151P] - Management, Assistant/Associate/Full Position International Business/Strategy

  • [#F73P]   - Assistant/Associate Professor of Management

Marketing  Visit Department

  • [#F136P] - Marketing, Assistant /Associate Professor

PGA Golf Management  Visit Department

No job searches currently

Resort & Hospitality Management  Visit Department

  • [#F134P] - Hospitality Administration, Associate/Full Professor

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