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Minor in Advertising

Admission Requirements

  • Students must meet with a college advisor/student success counselor to declare a minor and review the course requirements.

Additional Graduation Requirements

  • A grade of C or higher is required in all courses for the minor.
  • A minimum of 12 credits of the minor must be completed at FGCU.
  • Students desiring certification of a minor and designation on their academic transcript must:
    • Note the minor on the Application for Graduation.
    • Contact a college advisor/student success counselor to certify completion of all course requirements for the declared minor as listed below.

Program Requirements

Required Courses in the Minor

Complete the following:
ADV 3008 Principles of Advertising (3)
ADV 3101 Promotional Writing Strategy (3)
ADV 3300 Advertising Media Planning (3)
MAR 3023 Introduction to Marketing (3)
MAR 4333 Integrated Mkt. Communications (3)

Complete one from the following:
ADV 3001 Advertising Creative Strategy (3)
MAR 3235 Social Media Marketing (3)
MAR 3503 Consumer Behavior (3)
MAR 4310 Public Relations Management (3)

Catalog Year: 2023-2024

Total Semester Hours Required: 18 Hours