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An initiative of Dean Chris Westley, the Lutgert Mentorship Program seeks to leverage the academic success of Lutgert College of Business students by matching them with mentors in their fields of study and interest as they prepare for productive careers as Lutgert alumni. With a mission to promote the professional development of the student and his or her business success, this program facilitates meaningful connections between students and individuals in their chosen industry. Lutgert Mentors are committed to sharing knowledge, advice, and constructive feedback to assist students in the transition from college to the real world in relationships that could last long after graduation. Housed under Lutgert’s brand-new Center for Business Success, the Lutgert Mentorship Program focuses on preparing students for the workforce and becoming future industry leaders.

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Why Be a Mentor?

  • Contribute to the development of the region's future leaders by transferring skills and knowledge.
  • Enhance coaching and mentoring skills
  • Expand your professional network and build new relationships with the Lutgert College of Business
  • Give back to the community and university by supporting young professionals
  • Gain new insights and perspectives on the latest industry and community trends
  • Strengthen the talent pipeline of SWFL
  • Invitation to exclusive Lutgert Mentorship events with campus leadership

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Why Be a Mentee?

  • Enhance your understanding of the industry
  • Build your professional network with industry leaders
  • Mentee Only Invitations to exclusive networking events on campus
  • Enhanced job opportunities
  • Opportunity to practice, refine and enhance career readiness competencies
  • Develop your own leadership style

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