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2021 Marguerite Howard Research Fellowship Recipient - Dr. Jase Ramsey

May 14, 2021  / Jase Ramsey  / Tags: 2021, Marguerite Howard Research Fellowship

2021 Marguerite Howard Research Fellowship Recipient

Dr. Jase Ramsey

Associate Professor
Department of Management

Dr. Jase Ramsey
Dr. Jase Ramsey

Dr. Ramsey’s research specialties include international business travel, global strategy, Latin America, and cultural intelligence. In the past five years, he has produced 10 A-level or higher publications and coauthored the textbook, Navigating Commerce in Latin America. Last year’s research paper, “A Conservation of Resources Schema for Exploring the Influential Forces for Air-travel Stress,” appeared in the A* journal Tourism Management. His work regarding the relationship between stress and domestic and international air travel led to interviews with Fox News, NBC, and the Washington Post. In all, Dr. Ramsey’s work has been cited more than 1,400 times and ranks an h-index of 17 on Google Scholar. A 2020 refereed review article appearing in the European Journal of International Management named him as one of the most prolific researchers on cultural intelligence.

“My research focuses on why some individuals innovate better than others when they are in a foreign country,” says Dr. Ramsey. “This guides my teaching in global strategy by shaping how students recognize problems in local businesses. They then work with those businesses to understand the problems deeply, and ultimately attempt to solve those problems.”

Dr. Ramsey serves as the inaugural research coordinator in Lutgert’s Management Department, helping take research ideas within the department to fruition in terms of publication and impactful media citations. He also coordinates the Department’s Coffee with Colleagues series. Dr. Ramsey plans to use the Howard Research Fellowship to start new research with specific focus on the Southwest Florida region, including an investigation of the impact of cultural intelligence on acculturation, entrepreneurial alertness, and innovativeness in Southwest Florida.

Dr. Ramsey came to FGCU in 2019 from St. Louis University, where he was a faculty member of International Business. Prior to that, he taught at the University of Alabama and Fundacao Dom Cabral in Brazil. He was also a visiting professor at the University of Bamberg in Germany. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of South Carolina.