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Spatial Spillover of Transport Improvement on Tourism Growth

March 18, 2021  / Lan Jiang  / Tags: 2020, LCOB Top Tier Award, Resort & Hospitality

Transport infrastructure plays an important role in moving tourists to and between destinations. The spatial spillover effects of transport improvements on regional tourism growth were investigated in this study. Using panel data, we estimated a spatial Durbin model to understand whether enhancements in road, air, railway, and highspeed rail transport stimulated tourism growth in nearby regions. Our empirical models confirmed transport spillover. High-speed rail services generated spillover to nearby regions’ domestic and inbound tourism growth. For domestic tourism, road transport and air transport yielded significant spillover, while only air transport generated significant spillover in tourism revenue from inbound tourism.

Publication: Tourism Economics

Authors: Lan Jiang

Notes: LCOB Top Tier Award 2020