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Every Flow has it Ebb: The Impact of Flow on Adjustment and Conflict

November 20, 2020  / Jase Ramsey  / Tags: 2019, Management, LCOB Top Tier Award

Despite an increase in psychology research on the mental state of flow, little is known within the area of organizational studies about its “dark side.” We use conservation of resources theory to argue that, while expatriates in the state flow may accumulate resources that lead to positive work outcomes, they may also experience unintended negative work–family conflict consequences. Being in the state of flow can improve expatriates' work adjustment because they can concentrate on the task at hand in an unencumbered way, yet the exclusive concentration on work tasks and the distortion of time while in the state of flow may reduce psychological and time resources available to the family.

Publication: Human Resource Management Journal

Authors: Jase Ramsey

Notes: LCOB Top Tier Award 2019