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Lutgert Research

Investigating the Marketing Impact of Consumers' Connectedness to Celebrity Endorsers

November 20, 2020  / Gina Tran  / Tags: LCOB Top Tier Award, 2019, Marketing

Consumers enjoy following famous media personalities and subsequently model their consumption behaviors accordingly. Marketers are aware of such celebrity admiration and frequently use celebrities as endorsers. Grounded in parasocial relationship and social connectedness theories, this study tests a model of connectedness to the celebrity, attitude toward the celebrity, receptivity toward the celebrity‐endorsed message, and purchase intentions of the celebrity‐endorsed market offering. These relationships were investigated using structural equation modeling. The findings indicate an individual’s level of connectedness to their favorite celebrity is positively linked with both their receptivity toward the celebrity‐endorsed message and purchase intentions of the celebrity‐endorsed market offering.

Publication: Psychology & Marketing

Authors: Gina Tran

Notes: LCOB Top Tier Award 2019