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Too Cultured for your Own Firm's Good: The Dark and Bright Side of Cultural Intelligence

March 18, 2021  / Jase Ramsey  / Tags: Management, 2020, LCOB Top Tier Award

Employees who possess cross-cultural capabilities are increasingly sought after due to unparalleled numbers of cross-cultural interactions. Previous research has primarily focused on the bright side of these capabilities, including important individual and work outcomes. In contrast, the purpose of this study is to demonstrate that the cross-cultural capability of cultural intelligence (CQ) can lead to both positive and negative outcomes. We propose that expatriates high in CQ excel in customer relationship performance, while simultaneously behaving opportunistically. We also suggest that ethical relativism moderates these relationships. Managerial implications of CQ for opportunism, customer relationship performance, and ethics are discussed.

Publication: Journal of Business Ethics Quarterly

Authors: Jase Ramsey

Notes: LCOB Top Tier Award 2020