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Combating Racism Panel Discussions

December 11, 2020  / Lutgert News  / Tags: Webinars, Micro-Credentials

Together with the Uncommon Friends Foundation, the Newton Ethical Leadership Initiative, and the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, FGCU co-sponsored a three-part webinar series on the role of SWFL businesses in combating racism.

The webinars allowed participants to explore diverse viewpoints and discuss successful approaches that can be taken at the individual and organizational level to honor diversity, inclusion, and social justice. The October 2nd session addressed issues such as the role of individual businesses and business groups in diversity dialogues, supporting minority-owned organizations, and leadership strategies to combat racism. Other sessions examined implicit bias and structural racism, equity action, and how faith and wisdom traditions inform inclusion and social justice.

“Earlier this summer, President Martin committed FGCU to ‘engaging our campus and our community in making real progress on these critical challenges of our time,’ social justice and racial equality," said Dr. Eric Dent, one of the event organizers. Dr. Dent explains further:

As members of the faculty, our role is to ensure that some of the most expert and informed voices are part of this discussion, so the Newton Ethical Leadership Initiative (NELI), the FGCU Office of the President, the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, and the Uncommon Friends Foundation have partnered to bring those voices to our campus and community.

Recordings of the sessions are available at fgcu.edu/combatingracism. Additionally, anyone who watches and passes a brief quiz on each of the three recordings can earn one of FGCU’s first micro-credentials.