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The B.S in Economics prepares students for the job market and graduate school by providing broad and deep training in the field of economics itself and by developing one's skills in critical thinking and analysis.

Economics majors develop the aptitude to operate in a wide range of business entities and to succeed in graduate programs in business, social science and law. Graduates of economics exhibit strong scores in the graduate entrance examinations across the board. Course work includes both theory and application and is designed to build and develop student assessments of the world through an economics lens. As a long-standing field in academe, economics has extensive ties to mathematics, statistics, and philosophy as it pertains to economic, social, business and political environments. Students trained in economics are particularly strong candidates for jobs in business functions requiring strategic thinking, analytical skills, writing and presentations. Industries that highly value the undergraduate degree in economics include banking and finance, economic journalism, law, business, government service, and non-university teaching.

Macroeconomics Boot Camp - Summer 2022

A two-day program available to all students who are enrolled in ECO 2013: Principles of Macroeconomics in Fall 2022. Principles of Macroeconomics is one of the first business classes that students take, and it can be challenging. Participation in the program will increase your likelihood of being successful in ECO 2013 and graduating from FGCU in four years. Macroeconomics Boot Camp is also great way to meet other business majors.

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