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Reconciling the historical divide between strategy process and strategy content

November 20, 2020  / Craig Randall and Eric Dent  / Tags: LCOB Top Tier Award, Management, 2019

A long-standing, well-recognized gap exists between Strategy Process (how strategy is done) and Strategy Content (tools/frameworks used when doing strategy). Contributions include: 1. Quantitatively revealing the contemporary core of strategy content in pedagogy and research. 2. Quantitatively exposing inconsistencies in their emphasis, linkage, and application within strategy process. 3. Demonstrating that all constructs of strategy content and strategy process follow two dimensions, level of analysis and stage of activity. 4. Proposing a 2x2 generic framework with level of analysis and stage of activity axes that fully reconciles the two components of strategy.

Publication: Journal of Management History

Authors: Craig Randall and Eric Dent

Notes: LCOB Top Tier Award 2019