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(PhD, PG)

Dr. Missimer has made technical contributions in the fields of hydrogeology, groundwater hydrology, water management, geology, desalination, and water quality. He founded three consulting companies that specialized in groundwater development, water management, and remediation of groundwater contamination. He worked in a management and technical capacity as a consultant for 35 years before entering academia. He was a visiting professor at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia before beginning an association of FGCU. He became an eminent scholar in hydrology at FGCU in 2017 and became director of the Emergent Technologies Institute in 2019.

His current research is focused on groundwater quality, seawater desalination issues (membrane biofouling prevention by using alternative intake designs), brackish-water desalination (development of new conceptual models for prediction of long-term salinity changes in groundwater sources), evaluation of artificial recharge systems, and coastal geology.

On the instructional side, he currently teaches groundwater hydrology and contamination transport and research methods at the graduate level. He has graduate students currently working on evaluation of a large seawater desalination plant to investigate membrane biofouling and others working on an investigation on long-term changes in retention area infiltration rate and on investigations of feed-water water changes at brackish-water reverse osmosis desalination plants.

Dr. Missimer is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed journal papers and 11 books as well as 300 other publications. He is an elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America and has won numerous awards for his publications and research work.

Dr. Missimer earned a BA in geology from Franklin & Marshall College, an MS in coastal geology from Florida State University, and a PhD in marine geology and geophysics from the University of Miami.

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