College of Arts & Sciences Creative Connections

Reinforcing connections between creative disciplines

This new initiative, housed in the College of Arts & Sciences, seeks to reinforce connections between creative disciplines such as Art, Music, Theatre, and Writing with fields of study in the social and natural sciences, health, law, business, athletics, and more.

Such connections already exist. But we are making an active effort to make these connections visible via special events and branding so that more people at FGCU and in the wider community can better see how an art project might make a huge difference in environmental sustainability. Or the way a theatre production can reflect both historical and ethical concerns surrounding public health. The possibilities are endless.

Artist and ocean explorer, Rebecca Rutstein said, "I think it's incredibly important for people to get out of their individual silos and sit at the table together. This is the only way forward if we are to solve the greatest global challenges of our time, like our climate crisis. Artists can play a critical role in communicating with and moving the general public by creating the expressive and emotional drivers that scientific data lacks."